Trufakia nuts

Trufakia nuts – Various Sweets
Preparation time: 15 minutes (low complexity) Ingredients: 250gr Biscuit beure petit-classical household 125ciocolata black 2linguri cognac, 150gr butter or margarine, powdered sugar 1oogr, 1cana chopped nuts, grated chocolate for garnish, coconut and chopped nuts all the decorating. Method: Cookies with by giving him cognac bleder pisezi IIS, put chocolate pieces with butter and chicken intro saucepan steam bath until melted chocolate all ready melted add crushed crackers, sugar and crushed nut mixture and mix well until smooth and then do all the right hand balls that give them the grated chocolate, coconut, crushed nuts and they sit on a shelf in the refrigerator pentru2ore.Ppoti you decorate depends on how you want truffles preference.